First Baptist Church Columbus Georgia
Saturday, March 24, 2018
Come Home to First Baptist
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Parent Information

1. Parents of children birth – 4 years old must sign in at counter and pick up pager. Children above 4 will not be kept in the nursery.
2. Label articles dropped off with children (diaper bag, bottles, cups.)
3. Non-members or inactive will fill out stickers with appropriate info.
4. All children should be fed before being brought to the nursery. The
   nursery will feed the kids bottles, and/or snacks, not a meal.
1.  Greet parents with kids at door for child drop-off and pickup and ask if
     there are any specific instructions for the child and write them down.
2.  Interact with kids; do not sit and talk with other adults.
3.  Put used toys in bin for toys to be cleaned.
4.  Attach identification stickers on child’s articles if not done already.
5.  Change diapers using appropriate procedure (see attached).
6.  Disinfect toys that are in bins and put back in rooms. Wipe down books.
7.  Change diapers of all children before parent pickup and label bag accordingly.
8.  Never have hot beverages in preschool classrooms.
9.  Make sure the room is left in an orderly fashion for the next use.
10. Two workers should be in the room at all  times.                
1.  Make sure changing area is free of all unnecessary items.
2.  Place paper mat on changing area.
3.  Put on rubber gloves.
4.  Change diaper.
5.  Put soiled diaper, paper mat and gloves in plastic bag, tie it, and put in trash can.
6.  Clean hands with cleaner.
7.  Never change more than one child with the same gloves.