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Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Rotation Sunday School

Sunday School for our children is considered an investment and not just another program. Our rotation Sunday School for children in grades 1 - 5 offers comprehensive Bible study in a multi-sensory environment. Children are led through six different learning environments while concentrating on one Bible story, scripture, or Biblical application.
The children gather each week for large group time and are introduced to the general concept, or they have a scripture verse reinforced. A "shepherd" for each age group is responsible for their group's prayer requests, special needs, and contacting absentees and visitors. Their "shepherd" then guides them to their area of study.
The various learning environments include the following:
Promised Land Productions employs a performance-based or media driven teaching element.
Mary and Martha's House utilizes a food element in their lesson plans.
The Bedouin Encampment offers the opportunity to hear the Bible story in the oral tradition. Prior to the story time, children are allowed to visit the Cook-Gibson Library to check out books.
Synagogue and Synagogue School are the most traditional teaching elements; however, the lesson is conducted in a synagogue style with boys and girls seated on opposite sides of the room, followed by an activity.
Joseph's Workshop employs a hands-on method. Children work individually or together to create a project related to the lesson.
Biblical Bytes is a computer lab where the Old, Old Story meets the 21st Century. Interactive programs aid the children in applying Biblical principles to their personal lives.