First Baptist Church
Saturday, July 30, 2016
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Medical Release Form

                                                                       FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, COLUMBUS, GA
Medical Care, Emergency Contact Information & Photo Release
(Valid Thru  May 31, 2017) (Please update as necessary)
 Name________________________________________________Birth Date_______________________________
Address_____________________________________________________________ ________________ ________
Phone (H)________________ (Cell-Student)__________________(Cell-Parent)________________
 Passport (attach copy)_____________________T-Shirt Size(circle) YS-YM-YL-AS-AM-AL-AXL-AXXL
Alternate Emergency Contact________________________________Phone________________________________
Known Allergies (medicine, food, etc.)_____________________________________________________________
Describe past serious illnesses or hospitalization, with dates_____________________________________________
(Use back if necessary.)
List Medicines Taken-especially daily (use back if necessary)_________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Date of Last Tetanus Injection_____________________________________________________________________
Describe all physical conditions or illnesses, which could affect  participation in the programs or the proper medical treatment (ADD, ADHD,diabetes, epilepsy, poor blood clotting, etc.)____________________________________
Health Insurance: Company______________________________Policy Number____________________________
Beneficiary’s name ____________________________________(Please Attach Copy of Insurance Card )
If under 18 please list:
     Mother’s Name___________________________Phone (H)______________ (W)____________(cell)________
      Father’s Name____________________________Phone (H)______________(W)____________(cell)________
  Emergency Medical Treatment/Photo Consent
(Must be signed in the presence of a notary)
                I hereby give the Designee of First Baptist Church events permission to provide first aid care for me or my child,_______________________________________. I hereby authorize First Baptist designee to transport me or my child to the emergency room of the hospital(s) listed below, and I hereby grant my consent for the hospital and its medical staff to provide me or my child with emergency medical treatment which a physician deems necessary (including anesthesia). If I have not specified any hospital(s) below, I or my child may be taken to and cared for at the nearest hospital. I agree to accept financial responsibility for all medical expenses incurred.
Nearest Hospital________
Photos and likenesses of the above may be utilized for historical and or advertising/public relations for First Baptist Church without remuneration for said likenesses.
Signed Parent/ Guardian                Date                                   
State of_____________________________County of______________________________
The foregoing Consent was acknowledged before me this____________day of_____________, 20____, by
                                                                              Notary Public___________________________________________
                       (Notary Seal)                                   My Commission Expires:_______________________________
To print this document hightlight the document, then right click and push print.