Sunday Bible Studies

Nurturing Faith

Seekers: Coed Mid 30s- Late 40s - Room 114
College Coed - Room 263


Bible Studies for Life
Agape: Ladies 50+ - Room 111
Scarbrough Class: 60+ - Room 123


Coed Late 40s through Late 50s - Room 255
Reflectors: Single Coed Early 50+ - Room 122
Covenant/McClatchy: Coed 65+ - Room 100
Joy: Ladies 70+ - Room 118
New Beginnings: Coed 70+ - Room 117
Fellowship: Men 60+ - Room 262
Ruth: Ladies 50+ - Room 112


Coed Mid 20s-40s - Room 200
Esther: Ladies Mid 30s- Late 50s - Room 210
Coed Late 30s- Late 50s - Room 222
Coed Late 50s+ - Room 258
Christus: Coed 65+ - Room 113
Grace: Coed 60+ - Room 261


Other Groups

Parents of Children: Coed Late 20s- Late 30s  - Room 206
Young Professionals: Coed 20-35 - Room 253

Bible Studies During the Week


Jeremiah: Hope in an Unstable World

Ladies’ Bible Study led by Roxann Elder in her home at 6:30 PM. Bring your friends and enjoy the fellowship as we study God’s word.


Game Plan for Life

Men’s study led by Mike Greene in Room 261 beginning at 6:30 PM. We will finish our study of Game Plan for Life compiled by Joe Gibbs and then discuss the Ragamuffin Gospel.

The Story

Ladies’ Bible Study will resume in the Fall.  



God’s Word for the Middle of the Week

A coed, intergenerational gathering led by our pastor around the tables in Fellowship Hall. It begins with a time of prayer at 6:00 PM for current concerns and moves into a time of devotion/discussion.


Hillbilly Elegy

Men’s study led by Dan Ross at Panera at 6:30 AM. This group is currently reading and discussing this New York Times Best Seller by J.D. Vance. Another book will be chosen when this study concludes.


Men’s study led by Neil Richardson meets at 7:00 AM in the Burger King on Wynnton Road. The current reading and discussion are based on the book of Genesis, but other books will be chosen when this study concludes.

Sunday School
Children’s Bible Studies (1st - 5th Grades) - 2nd floor

Children’s Worship @ 11:00 AM
Following the children’s message in our 11:00 AM worship service, children Pre-K through 3rd grade are escorted to Room 211, where they are guided through an age-appropriate time of worship, celebration and Bible stories.

Bible Studies During the Week
Bible Study with Dr. Jimmy
1st-5th Graders meet at Pastor Jimmy’s home once a month for fun and Bible study.

Mission Friends, GAs and RAs

On Wednesday 6:45 PM: Mission Friends (Pre-K and Kindergarten), GAs (1st-5th grade girls) and RAs (1st-5th grade boys) are mission experiences for our children. They participate in missions projects while gaining an understanding of missions as a Biblical mandate.

Youth Bible Studies: 6th-12th Grades - Room 208

Sunday School: Sunday Morning - 8:30 am-12:00 pm - On Sunday mornings, we participate in the larger church schedule with worship and Sunday School. These moments are pivotal as the youth continue to form community in Sunday Bible Study with each other, and in Worship with the larger church family. We appreciate the opportunity to gather with folks of all ages in worship and the chance to sit in the front three rows!

Wednesday Night Live!: Wednesday Night - 6:00pm-8:00pm -  Wednesday Night Live (WNL) is a time of worship, Bible study, fellowship, and fun specifically catered to the unique stage of life in which our youth live.

Prayer Breakfast!: Friday Morning - 7:00am-8:30am -  We gather at Chick-fil-A on Wynnton Road for a moment of prayer and fellowship as our youth head to school.