FIfteen Years and Counting.....

Roxann and I are totally overwhelmed by your expressions of love that culminated in the beautiful reception in celebration of our 15th anniversary with you on this past Sunday evening.  The flowers were magnificent and the food wonderful. So many  people came, and each of you blessed us with your words, hugs and love.  We are   truly blessed to be a part of the First Baptist Church Family and the community of Columbus, Georgia.  Many of you expressed what we have been feeling: How incredibly fast this time has flown! 

 Deacon Chair Bucky Bowles, in his beautiful, humbling words, detailed so many   wonderful things we have witnessed, worked on and celebrated over these 15 years.  They have all been accomplished by the power of the Spirit of the Lord, with the skills of a great staff team and a congregation that loves to say Yes to the Lord.  God has blessed this time we have shared, and we are so grateful the Lord has given us the   opportunity to work together for such a long time—a time that I hope will extend for many more years.  We are so happy and fulfilled in the work that we share here.  It has been and continues to be an incredible journey. 

 Thank you for the generous love gift.  It, too, was overwhelming.  Thank you for    loving us and allowing us to be a part of your lives for these 15 years.  We love you and are looking forward to the future.  There is much to do, and we are on the cusp of some innovative and exciting possibilities.  In so many ways, God has just begun to do with us what He desires.  I hope we, as a Church Family, will always be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and will embrace the opportunities in our path.