His Passion. Our understanding. 

Our worship services are meaningful, creative and engaging.  The scripture sets the tone for all that is said, done and sung during the course of worship.  Our very existence is about connecting with God in the most meaningful way possible.   We witness to His power and presence, we celebrate our relationship with Him through Jesus Christ and we find meaningful ways to worship the Lord as the Spirit guides us.    To that end, we define worship in terms of music in all forms, biblical preaching and teaching, ministry and service to others in and outside the Church Family, hospitality to those who are seekers of truth and a relationship with Christ, a refuge for the hurting and struggling, a place of belonging for all people, and a support to individuals and families as they deepen their relationship and understanding of a close walk with the Lord. 

         Sermons are relevant and speak to the issues of the day, while not neglecting the needs of the individual who is seeking to find a path in faith and hope.  Even as we know that faith without works is dead, so we find our spiritual vitality in our missional engagement—a hallmark of this church since its founding.  Everyone is welcome and our prayer is that you will find a place at the Lord’s table of grace, love and care with the rest of us travelers in the faith.  We seek to connect with God by connecting with each other and together connecting with the world beyond the doors of this Church Family.  Our 11:00 A.M. worship service is broadcast live on WTVM-TV, News Leader 9 throughout Southwest Georgia and Southeast Alabama.