Education Ministry  


The Education ministry at First Baptist offers opportunities for our members and the greater community to study scripture and discover ways to apply biblical principles to their lives at church, with their families and in all relationships. As groups meet to discuss God's Word, it is our hope that they will also build social networks which allow them to share God's love and care with an ever growing community.

As believers we are encouraged to always be expanding our knowledge of Christ and growing our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


6:30 PM Ladies' Bible Study (Home of Roxann Elder)


5:15 PM Fellowship Supper Begins (Fellowship Hall)

6:00 PM Prayer Around the Tables (Fellowship Hall)

6:00 PM Ladies’ Bible Study of James  with Carolyn Bouillant-Linet (Room 210)

6:00 PM Young Ladies’ Bible Study of The Armor of God with Marvina Hooper (Room 117)

6:30 PM Men’s Bible Study of Psalms with Mike Helms (Room 258)

6:30 PM Pastor’s Coed Bible Study (Fellowship Hall)

6:30 PM Youth Wednesday Night Live! (YAB)

6:45 PM Mission Friends for Preschoolers (Room 109)

6:45 PM GAs for Girls in Grades 1 - 5 (Room 213)

6:45 PM RAs  for Boys in Grades 1 - 5 (Room 209)

Thursday BIBLE Studies

6:30 AM Men's Bible Study “The Apostles of Reason” by Molly Worthen (Panera Bread)

7:00 AM Men's Bible Study “Exodus” (Wynnton Road Burger King)



Groups meet on Sundays and during the week, coming together to support each other spiritually and socially as they grow their faith and build relationships. Groups are primarily organized by life stations in an effort to have folks with similar life situations gathered together.

If you need help finding a group please contact Myron Douglas by calling the church office at (706) 322-4468 or by EMAIL.

Women's Prayer Retreat at Callaway Gardens