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Loving none more than Christ, loving others as ourselves, we strive to reflect God's love to all as well as the Great Commission.


Advent Book Reading for the day:

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 PEACE Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace, good will toward all. Luke 2:14

The winner of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousafzai who is a Pakistani women’s education advocate, said, When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.  These words come to mind as we read a portion of the angels’ song in Luke’s account of the announcement of the birth of Jesus.  I have always thought of the evening being relatively quiet—the sheep undisturbed for the night, the shepherds beginning to drift off to sleep—when suddenly the    angels show up and announce the birth of Jesus with words and song.  The voice of the angel was powerful.  I thought of the first sounds Baby Jesus made when He was born.  I promise, the night was not as silent as we sing . . . at least not at first.  Imagine the unusual sound of an infant’s cry in the manger.  It was a powerful sound.  Years ago, I was in a public meeting.  The group in charge was trying to push through something that really was not right; but true to form in such meetings, the crowd seemed to sit there more in stunned silence than outrage.  No one said anything, including me.  I was quite young and really did not know what to do.      I did, however, know that I thought something was wrong with this moment.     Suddenly, an unlikely person, a little shy and retiring, got up and said, That’s just not right.  She articulated her views with gentleness and good will, though strong with her convictions.  Another person stood up and agreed, then another and another.  The meeting was transformed because of one voice.  That which was wrong was defeated by the right, but it began with a humble voice.  We live in a world where we often forget that the strongest voice is a single voice crying in the silence.  It brings change.  It brings hope.  It draws us closer to peace.  The word was to be spoken at the spiritual direction of the Lord (prayerfully considered), with good will toward all (not biased or filled with anger or hate) and seeking peace (a victory for everyone).  The whole mission of Jesus began with the announcement breaking the silence on the hillside, the cry in the manger and the message of peace for all who would come to Him.  That voice was heard all the way until He cried out in an awful silence, It is finished.  That moment leading to resurrection was the pathway to eternal peace.  That is the peace of Christmas.  It is our peace.  It is the peace of a single voice joined by the voices of faith of many. 

Prayer: O Christ Jesus, We seek your voice in the silence of our need,       confusion, grief, emptiness, lostness, anger, disappointment and struggle.  As the storms you calmed, we long to hear Peace be still.  In the name of the Prince of Peace, AMEN.   



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Our worship services are meaningful.  The scripture sets the tone for all that is said, done and sung during the course of worship. Find out more about our worship services.



First Baptist family members have faithfully and boldly ministered for almost 200 years from the same corner in Uptown Columbus; and while the area, people and traditions have changed, the commitment to this city, these people, and the truth of the gospel is as fresh as each new day!


We're a happy family of faith, cooperative and engaged in the work of the Lord.  We truly enjoy being the body of Christ in this part of the community. See these activities and ways to connect, make reservations, and be a part of the Family. 



First Baptist has faithfully and boldly ministered from this corner for almost 200 years; but the commitment is as fresh as each new day. 


Missions is in the DNA of First Baptist Church.  Everything said and done, every program and sermon, every activity is informed and guided by our commitment to Missions.


We are sad to report the passing of our oldest member, Mrs. Ruth Kiralfy.  Funeral will be Monday, December 10, 11:00 in the sanctuary with visitation prior to the service  Please remember the family in your prayers. She will be missed!

At First Baptist, we love to support and pray for each other. This is where you will hear about special events in the lives of our members, bereavement and funeral notices, and special congratulations.




The First Baptist Church Family is a happy family of faith, cooperative and engaged in the work of the Lord. We truly enjoy being the body of Christ in this part of the community.

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Everything our Church Family does is filtered through hearts committed to faith in Christ, joining together in fellowship, desiring to share Christ’s love with others and our missions opportunities.  We are constantly, prayerfully looking for what God would have us do next.  This may lead us all the way to the other side of the world or right across the street.


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