Second Story

Second Story is a strategically-located college and young adult ministry center in Uptown Columbus. We intentionally reach out to members of First Baptist, our Uptown Columbus neighbors, and the entire community.  First Baptist has the incredible blessing of being located in an area that has been transformed to become the heartbeat of our town.  Broadway is the actual street where it is all happening, and Second Story is perched in the perfect spot to be an attractive space for healthy community.  In Second Story, First Baptist has made a conscious decision to invest wholeheartedly in the spiritual growth of young adults.  We are so excited to welcome you to our space.

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Weekly Activities at Second Story include:  Empty Seat, Reclaimed, Uptown Church Service, Guys and Girls Bible Studies, Second Story Sports, and of course numerous special events and service opportunities!  Plug in and join us!!  For more information about activities at Second Story,  go to the Second Story website.  Also, you can like us on Facebook.  

Second Story is located at 1100 Broadway in Uptown Columbus.  

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The assumption has become that college students and 20 somethings are often veering away from the faith that sustained them as grade school students.  Away from family and elements that tethered them to the faith they had previously fostered, parents and adults sometimes feel lost as to how to keep these students connected to their faith.  Second Story was created to not only help these students maintain an active and thriving faith relationship with Jesus Christ, but more importantly to spend these formative years in a space of spiritual growth!  

Want to get connected? Social media is a great way to first be introduced to Second Story.  From a safe distance, you can check us out and see what we are doing, and how our community reaches out to people- new and old.  Our community is structured in such a way that once you arrive and find yourself welcomed, you are immediately given the opportunity to provide that same bit of welcome to the next person that walks in the door.  At this stage, we know we have many of our most active participants and leaders for a predetermined amount of time, so we don't waste time plugging you in.  Again, find us on facebook at Second Story or on instagram at @secondstory_fbc for information on what has happened and what is coming next!

We have open hours 6 days a week, with planned activities during those same days happening morning, afternoon and/or night! The summer schedule shifts in minor ways, but we are open year-round with opportunities for fun, fellowship and spiritual growth.

If you need to get in touch with Second Story, you may also contact Brandon Strozier at (706) 329-4415 or by EMAIL.