Education Ministry and Weekly Bible Studies 


The Education ministry at First Baptist offers opportunities for our members and the greater community to study scripture and discover ways to apply biblical principles to their lives at church, with their families and in all relationships. As groups meet to discuss God's Word, it is our hope that they will also build social networks which allow them to share God's love and care with an ever growing community.

As believers we are encouraged to always be expanding our knowledge of Christ and growing our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Youth Bible Studies: 6th-12th Grades - Room 208

On Sunday mornings, we participate in the larger church schedule with worship and Sunday School. These moments are pivotal as the youth continue to form community in Sunday Bible Study with each other, and in Worship with the larger church family. We appreciate the opportunity to gather with folks of all ages in worship and the chance to sit in the front three rows!


Bible Studies for Life
Agape: Ladies 50+ - Room 111
Scarbrough Class: 60+ - Room 123


Coed Mid 20s-40s - Room 200
Esther: Intergenerational Ladies- Room 210
Coed Late 30s- Late 50s - Room 222
Coed Late 50s+ - Room 258
Christus: Coed 65+ - Room 113
Grace: Coed 60+ - Room 261

Nurturing Faith

Seekers: Coed Mid 30s- Late 40s - Room 114
College Coed - Room 263


Coed Late 40s through Late 50s - Room 255
Reflectors: Single Coed Early 50+ - Room 122
Covenant/McClatchy: Coed 65+ - Room 100
Joy: Ladies 70+ - Room 118
New Beginnings: Coed 70+ - Room 117
Fellowship: Men 60+ - Room 262
Ruth: Ladies 50+ - Room 112

Other Groups

Parents of Children: Coed Late 20s- Late 30s  - Room 206
Young Professionals: Coed 20-35 - Room 253


6:30 PM Ladies' Bible Study (Home of Roxann Elder)


5:15 PM Fellowship Supper Begins (Fellowship Hall)

6:00 PM Prayer Around the Tables (Fellowship Hall)

6:00 PM Ladies’ Bible Study with Carolyn Bouilliant-Linet (Room 210) The Revelation of John.

6:00 PM beginning September 4th in room 113 Financial Peace University, which is produced by Dave Ramsey, will be Through the years FPU has guided thousands of people from all walks of life to live debt free.  This class is open to couples and singles. Come and join us for this life changing class. For more information and to reserve a space contact Myron Douglas, Minister of Education ( ) or sign up with the link ( )

6:00 PM beginning September 4th in room 114. Understanding Grief, led by Dianne Hett and Ron King. If we are blessed to have relationships, we will experience grief. When grief is shared, we have the opportunity of supporting each other as we explore ways of healing. Join us as we support and learn from each other.

6:00 PM beginning September 4th. Ladies’ Bible Study with Marvina Hooper (Room 117) Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer Through 7 sessions, discover the root to clear and daily communication with God - humble obedience. Learn how surrender, unlocks His many blessings intended for us, centers us in His will, and helps us discern His voice in everyday life.

6:00 PM beginning on September 4th (Room 112) Co-Ed Bible Study led by Myron Douglas, Minister of Education. The Circle Maker. We will delve into this best seller written by Mark Batterson and explore some new thoughts about prayer and praying.

6:30 PM Pastor’s Coed Bible Study (Fellowship Hall)

6:30 PM Youth Wednesday Night Live! (YAB) is a time of worship, Bible study, fellowship, and fun specifically catered to the unique stage of life in which our youth live.

6:45 PM Mission Friends for Preschoolers (Room 109)

6:45 PM GAs for Girls in Grades 1 - 5 (Room 213)

6:45 PM RAs  for Boys in Grades 1 - 5 (Room 209)

Mission Friends, GAs and RAs

On Wednesday 6:45 PM: Mission Friends (Pre-K and Kindergarten), GAs (1st-5th grade girls) and RAs (1st-5th grade boys) are mission experiences for our children. They participate in missions projects while gaining an understanding of missions as a Biblical mandate.

Thursday BIBLE Studies

6:30 AM Men's Bible Study “The Apostles of Reason” by Molly Worthen (Panera Bread)

7:00 AM Men's Bible Study “Exodus” (Wynnton Road Burger King)

Youth Prayer Breakfast!: 7:00am-8:30am -  We gather at Chick-fil-A in MIdland for a moment of prayer and fellowship as our youth head to school.

Friday BIBLE Studies

Youth Prayer Breakfast!: 7:00am-8:30am -  We gather at Chick-fil-A on Wynnton Road for a moment of prayer and fellowship as our youth head to school.

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Groups meet on Sundays and during the week, coming together to support each other spiritually and socially as they grow their faith and build relationships. Groups are primarily organized by life stations in an effort to have folks with similar life situations gathered together.

If you need help finding a group please contact Myron Douglas by calling the church office at (706) 322-4468 or by EMAIL.

Women's Prayer Retreat at Callaway Gardens