Roxann and I are delighted to welcome you to the First Baptist Church Family.  This is an incredibly loving, friendly, spiritual and ministering family of faith. These characteristics stem from the personal faith of each believer and the intentionality of the ministry of First Baptist.  The doors are open to any and all who would like to worship with us.  Our constant prayer is that our services will honor Jesus and help others to learn about Him.

Everything our Church Family does is filtered through hearts committed to faith in Christ, joining together in  fellowship, desiring to share Christ’s love with others and our missions opportunities.  We are constantly, prayerfully looking for what God would have us do next.  This may lead us all the way to the other side of the world or right across the street.

Our worship services are meaningful.  The scripture sets the tone for all that is said, done and sung during the course of worship.  Special times of the year offer special opportunities for creativity in worshiping God.  Our Sunday morning worship broadcast has proven to be a way to share Christ’s love well beyond the walls of the sanctuary.

Being a part of the First Baptist Family gives you a place to belong and an environment in which you can develop your gifts in serving the Lord and helping others.  First Baptist has faithfully and boldly ministered from this corner for many years; but the commitment is as fresh as each new day.  I hope you will visit First Baptist many times.  That is the only way you can have the full First Baptist Church experience.

The First Baptist Church Family is a happy family of faith, cooperative and engaged in the work of the Lord.  We truly enjoy being the body of Christ in this part of the community.

If you have questions, please call or e-mail me.  I would love nothing better than to meet you and share with you what is happening at First Baptist Church of Columbus.

Your Pastor,

Dr. Jimmy Elder